From the very first idea to the finished polished product

A 1 on 1 live lesson, either at my home studio if you’re near Bordeaux, or video calls if you’re abroad.
Premade videos and more education material coming…


4 hours / 200€

Meet and Greet – 1h

First hour of meet and greet, listening to music and past projects, defining objectives and plan lessons.

Basics of Audio – 1h

Basics of Internal audio effects and stock plugins such as EQ, compressors, reverb, delays, saturation, etc…

DAWs – 1h

Basics of DAWs (Digital audio Workstation) such as
Logic, Ableton, Pro Tools, Cubase, Reaper etc…

Basics of Midi – 1h

Basics of vst (Virtual Instruments) and midi programmation, midi roll, handling ressources and latency…


15 hours / 700€ (-7%)

Intermediate program – 10h

See above…

Composition – 1h

How to develop a first idea in a full composition, tips and tricks, transitions, blending tones and instruments, ranges, tonal properties, common use

Mixing – 3h

Detailed use of effects applied to the real context of a track with professional standards.

Arrangement – 1h

How to use the computer to create flow within your song, polish transitions and structure.