In addition to the purely musical aspect of my job, I realised I was in huge need of visual content. It’s primordial for artists nowadays to exist online, it’s just the way it is sadly.
Without it you can’t promote your art and you pretty much bury your career before it even began.

So like with my musical passion, I started learning by myself and invested in some gear over the years to be able to film myself and create all the visuals I needed to promote my music online.

Now I’m able to offer way more services than what I intended in the first place, which is great. I am still gathering more various projects for this portfolio but so far I’ve been able to realise some interviews, making of, music video, clips, commercials, wedding clips, for bands, artists, brands, little shops and various clients.

See some of my work bellow…

Music Video for a Latin Jazz band in the Studio du Bassin
Promotional teaser for the Studio du Bassin
Wedding film for close friends.
Full and very complex captation, with 6 musicians in the studio.
Short interview/commercial of a very good pizza place near my home.