Patience (Digipack CD)
Patience (Digipack CD)

Patience (Digipack CD)

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The (very) limited edition 3 panels Digipack of Patience, includes download access to the digital album any format you'd like !

My sophomore full length album. 
10 very different tracks, genres and moods, but all linked by a simple melody. From jazz to metal, hip hop to classical, minimalist ambience to epic orchestral section… It might be hard not to get lost in all this diversity, but try to hang on the sweet, calming tone of the chimes. The reminiscence of the main theme of this album keeps coming back over and over again to remind you you’re home.
This release is about taking your time, waiting, calm and at peace, but also about excitation, colorful climates and tensions.

Fans of eclectic music, I'm so proud to give you PATIENCE.



Shipping starts on May 20th