"Clément Belio is a young multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer from Bordeaux, France.
His music is eclectic, colorful and does not seek to woo you with the most impressive technical playing or the most mind-spinning riffs, but instead seduces you with songs that are just fundamentally well-written, original, and most importantly, always interesting."



Starting his official musical journey around 2013, Belio quickly chose to follow a dangerous path in the pursuit of polyvalence.
Drums might be his first instrument but instead of specializing in it he tried to widen his horizon and learnt to play guitar, bass, piano, saxophone, clarinet, violin, vocals, and basically anything that passed through his hands.
All of that to be as independent as possible in the composition and recording process. After all, music instruments are the main tools of a composer.
So, a dangerous path, because you never quite reach your destination.
Along with that Belio also had to develop his technical abilities and production skills.
Playing all of those instruments is useless if you don't know how to properly record yourself, mix and master your music.


Clément's rendition of "Chromatic Curtain"



6 years, 3 EPs and 2 albums after, Clément Belio is coming back with a new release PATIENCE. more polyvalent, eclectic and diverse than never, it is easy to hear how he has only widened his already grand musical scope with time.


"As for the actual music at hand, “Patience” is simply huge and musically broad in the best sense, taking its central progressive pop theme and squeezing every ounce of juice and emotion out of it. It is the perfect synthesis and capstone to a piece of work that is positively exploding with big ideas and equally big heart."




Produced by Clément Belio
Composed, Arranged, Recorded and Mixed at Clément’s home studio
Guests recorded at Studio du Bassin
Mastered by Clément Belio at Studio du Bassin

Music & Lyrics by Clément Belio
Trampoline composed by Clément Belio and François-Xavier de Turenne
La Danse Macabre composed by Camille Saint-Saens (Arr Clément Belio)

All Instruments - Clément Belio
Piano on Trampoline - François-Xavier de Turenne
Rhodes solo on Grey Zone - François-Xavier de Turenne
Vocals - Clément Belio and Carla Fernandez
Violin - Camille Schwartz

Artwork and Visuals by Maxime Lefranc (Equalist Design)
Pics and music video by Benjamin Evaristo.

Website design - Clément Belio, Maxime Michel and Ludivine Cassan