CLÉMENT BELIO is a multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer and producer, based in Bordeaux, France.
Clément’s difficulty in choosing a single musical path led him to learn a vast array of instruments and a wide scope of musical genres.
Drums, guitar, bass, piano, saxophone, singing, various stringed and percussion instruments from all over the world—all of these can be used in many ways. The same applies to his music—from progressive metal to modern jazz, smooth orchestral arrangements to hip hop grooves, classical to klezmer, traditional intimate folk ambiances to catchy pop rock melodies, and downtempo electro music with a touch of organic sounds….

Here are some exemples of music that I’ve either, composed, arranged, recorded, mixed, mastered, or a blend of any of those, for clients that could be bands, artists, brands, tv, documentaries, advertising, radio, video games, or just for myself…

As an artist, it is sometimes a weird process to try to be creative for another person with his own sensibility and tastes. It’s not always easy but the sweet spot is often somewhere in the middle.

Trying to accommodate a client should not come at the cost of the artist creativity and vice versa, the best relationships in this industry are always based on trust and respect, then and only then the passion and inspiration can thrive.

So here we are, 12 years later, with thousands of tracks done, hours and hours of music, genre exploration, inspiration, excitation, that should hopefully remain intact for the years to come.



Le coté artisanal est indéniable dès le départ. C’est ce qui offre, d’une façon, une forme de satisfaction dès la première écoute. […] 
Belio a apporté un soin très particulier et appréciable à sa post-production, ce qui le distingue de la majorité de ses camarades auto-produits, et sans sourciller.

The Progspace

But sometimes, some musical masterminds still manage to overcome this paradox, and transgress the genre by delivering a musical oddball overflowing with creativity, without ever losing its enjoyability.

Prog Archives

The whole album is like a celebration of music. It takes from many genres and blends styles to create such an emotional ride. The record even includes an arrangement of a French composers piece, « La Danse Macabre », of which Clement takes the spice dial and cranks it into ghost- pepper-ville.

The Progressive Subway

2019 has been an absolutely stellar year for releases, and Patience by Clement Belio is one of the reasons why. […] 
It’s a blend of Prog, Metal, Jazz, Soul, Djent, Orchestral, Classical, and Electronic elements that work together to deliver something truly beautiful.


PATIENCE, his last album from 2019, attempts to blend many elements that don’t necessarily belong together and make them flow successfully throughout the whole album—yet always dominated by a single melody, here to remind you that you’re home.

Heavy Blog is Heavy

As for the actual music at hand, PATIENCE is simply huge and musically broad in the best sense, it is the perfect synthesis and capstone to a piece of work that is positively exploding with big ideas and equally big heart.