While actual cloning is still a thing for science fiction or obscure labs somewhere in China, there are still ways to digitally clone yourself in videos for show off purpose, or to play music with yourself because you don’t know enough musicians in your area.

Honnestly I’m not sure the time invested is worth it but you know when I’m obsessed with something I go all the way, and that’s pretty much how I’ve learned all the things I can do now. Also I’m not Jacob Collier so I can’t make a living out of cloning myself so that’s really just for fun !

Bellow are some exemples of my past projects cloning myself, more or less successfully.

Probably the craziest video so far, for the craziest track I’ve ever recorded…
A traditional Bulgarian song that I decided to record as a 4 part harmony
A cute folk song from René Aubry with cute vibes
An complex arrangement of a modern jazz track by Ari Hoenig
My version of a Beach Boys song that I’ve discovered in Bioshock Infinite lol
A smooth jazz track from Sebastien Jarrousse, cramped in my home studio
One of my first attempt with a green screen back in 2016, Meshuggah.
A full and crazy 13min arrangement of Tigran Hamasyan album Mockroot